Sophie Anderson, Roses (detail)

19th century


Planetary Dreamer
Item Type : OP/ JSK / Skirt - 3 type
Size : 4 size- S/ M/ L / XL No Custom size.
Colorway : Purple / Black /Blue - 3 colors
Price : 270 usd / 250usd / 190usd
Acc Type : Head Dress / Haed bow / Tights /Star-pin / Star-chain-Pin/ Ring(4 type) / Nechlace - 7 type
Reservation Period: 18th Oct - 27th Oct

Peroder from :
Payment plan :


warm up!! found some new brushes, decided to do something different??

sorry for being dead for a while! i found out how to torrent things so i’ve been spending the last few days catching up on movies yay


(Fanart by じゃむ)


the drawings from my zine pajama party that I gave out to some people at SPX! these are all my characters from bffcomic 



I’m so glad this Antique Rose colored satin #ribboncorset turned out so lovely. I used four lacing bones at center front and back. Two very stiff ones at center front and more flexible steel lacing bone at back. This is for a very wonderful male repeat client of mine.

Raaaaaaarrrrgh! I love this design, and the high quality ribbon, and the color!
Wonderful job Jasmine! So pretty :D


It returns