Stunning Images Of Skylines Captured With Time Lapse Photography

by Dan Marker-Moore


let’s just fade into nothing

animation + still image!  i prefer the still.  anyway, nothing more than some anatomy practice :3


seasonal fashion according to me

god i hate summer







Madoka Magica witches in Collage form, including Gertrud, Charlotte, Elly, and Elsa Maria.

That was fun. I might do this again sometime with the other witches.

first of all how dare you



I have to reboot this today!


I have to reboot this today!

I know you're looking for someone to organize Sparklestuck for next year, I would love to kinda work under you? As in seeing how you do everything and learning from it and then take over in 2016. If you do end up organizing it, that is! Just an idea if you're okay with it.

This question took me a while to think of a response to. While I am flattered that you think highly enough of me to what to learn from what I do; I have about as much knowledge on the subject of planning large events like SparkleStuck as anyone else who is willing to attempt it. I have had no formal training and feel like I am a novice (at best) myself. 
Though I have been planning events for AtlantaStuck for the past three years, There really isn’t too much to it. Infact I wrote a descriptive outline on how to  make a meet for atlstuck a while back. 
However - I will be taking formal education for Event Planning in the fall. With that knowledge should come some interesting organization change I think. 

Also having another helper and mind around to rattle out ideas would be useful.

Contact me again some time before AWA. 

Hey i'd love to help plan for sparklestuck.

xD that’s awesome! I’ll keep that in mind for later. I most likely won’t be thinking about SparkleStuck again until the fall.