So… Yesterday was a complete failure. I had spent my entire week preparing, gotten sick, spent my money, and waited 2 hours in the freezing cold for the prepayers meet that NO ONE showed up for. 

I’m not going to lie here… Organizing SparkleStuck is no walk in the park. Yeah I can see how it can be a lot easier if it’s just one person doing all the drawing and arts that need to be done, but I am not an artist like that. I have a team that doesn’t listen and understand how important things are to get things in on time and a whole group of people who want to do this but don’t want to support it. 

And I can only make things so easy for people. I can only try to give them so many nice things before i realize that they don’t even want them… 

If I started putting less effort into this project it most certainly would not happen. 

It felt like it was my birthday party and no one showed up - except even worse because this actually impacts if this thing will happen or not. 

I’m just frustrated and everyone is the problem. Now I’m going to go smoke and watch StarTrek.

So one of my new years resolutions is to actually use this blog to talk, might as well start now before I forget or something right?

How are all you fine followers doin out there?

Its my birthday!

For those who don’t know- that means I spam people out with pictures of Kanaya after a days worth of searching for pretty pics.

The Radio Show 

so… I tried to make a sprite of myself 

so… I tried to make a sprite of myself 


I am so nervous and excited right now. 

After 4 months of doing nothing I may have finally found an internship with the Bold American Events in the King Plow Arts Center

I emailed them this morning and a person emailed me back TODAY asking for my resume. Now I have no idea what is going to happen but I am all excited and scared at the same time. What if they say yes? then my whole life with change to go help them with crazy amazing events and partiess. If not then I guess no harm done, but geeze this waiting is so difficult. 

Ava’s Demon Non-personal-opinion Rant

So I just read all of Ava’s Demon and right as I was starting it I sent it to my boyfriend. He hated it because he doesn’t think the writer is very good at all. He had to force himself to stop here;

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If you guys are seeing me reblog a lot of Evangelioin and Snow White, it’s because I’m going to start playing Adeptus Evagelion and I’m basing my character off Snow White. 

Dear Tumblr,

I have been through a lot for you lately. I have had to change and learn how to do things differently. Even though I didn’t like the change I still stayed with you because you gave me the things that I needed and wanted. But now that I can no longer find these things in you I have been forced to re-evaluate how I feel about you. 

I know that the only thing that I can count on is change. But I feel like there is a point where you have changed for the worse, and not the better. 

Please bring chronological searching back to our tags.  

Cosplay: MomoCon edition

Ok so my original plan for momocon was to make Fancy jade sprite > to which Dafna was going to be Fancy Dave Sprite and we were going to frolic and be happy… Then I lost all my money. So I had to cut up a wedding dress for material. THEN I got a boy friend and the only way to prove to my parents that I truely wanting him over was to spend 2 weeks cleaning the fucking loft, so 2 weeks down the drain and 2 weeks left till Momo. 

Now I am still going to be making cosplay- but I have suddenly taken on 3 costumes instead of just 1 and so… I will be TRYING to make jade ((with aid from my friends if I will be able to borrow things from them)) and Be making Male Vriska for my bf and female Tavros for myself. Only problem with this is that He will only be here one day before con so i will be having him hold a blow dryer to himself as I paint his robo arm on to a glove. o_o besides that everything else seems peachy. Oh also pulling closet steampunk for both of our characters as well. (so much fun) And I may even pull Obey Jane out of my bottom too. ((i’ve just gotten very excited from her design and am SO willing to PAINT!!!)) 

Anyway - I’m going to be pushing myself the way Dafna does and see what happens. Wish me luck all <3 there will be progress pics soon~